In July of 2016 Warrior Overwatch was able to sign a farm lease on a small tract of land in beautiful Dahlonega Georgia. Thus Warrior Farms was born. We have big plans for Warrior Farms and look forward to not only offering great things to veterans but to the local community as well.

    Warrior Farms is the first veteran healing farm in north Georgia. We are farm # 271 in Lumpkin county. Working with the USDA we hope to soon offer educational classes and workshops. We are using agri-therapy to heal and to provide a means to be self sustaining no matter where our warriors may go.  We realize that no single organization can solve all the issues veterans face today. By working together we can do a whole lot more. 

    Warrior Farms will use agri-therapy, music therapy, adventure therapy, equine therapy, and something we like to call fire pit therapy along with other great resources to help get veterans lives back on track. We are also working on several educational programs in agriculture and diesel mechanics that will offer military veterans new career opportunities.  With cooler temperatures here in north Georgia there is nothing more relaxing than sitting around a campfire with good people. That warmth of the fire does a lot for healing. 

  We have a 5 year plan to become a self sustaining farm. This allows us to not only keep the farm going but our veteran programs as well. There are a lot of great organizations doing some amazing things for out veterans. One thing they all struggle with is funding. We are no different. Warrior Farms needs the funds for startup. Thats not stopping us from using what we have. We will always push forward and build brotherhoods and sisterhoods no matter what. The thing that sets us a part is having a plan to be self-sustaining. That is going from clearing more land and putting up fences to having a community farmers market and having greenhouses growing things for local chefs. There is a lot of work to be done. We can't do it without you! 

   We will be having several events coming up. If you would like updates please visit WarriorFarms.Farm or if have any questions please send us an email and we will be more than happy to help. . Our sponsor package is posted and we are looking for 2017 sponsors. If you would like to donate please go to the donate page and click on Warrior Farms project. 

          Thank you all for joining us on this life changing journey! This is the very beginning and we look forward to everyone helping us grow and do some amazing things.